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1.Capacity: 8.5oz (250ML)

2.Product material: 304 stainless stee 3 blades, BPA free material

3.Power: 30w

4.Rated voltage: 3.7V (V)

5.Power: USB rechargeable, the charging time is about 3hours and can be used about 35 times.

6.Waterproof: all body is waterproof and easy to clean.

7.Switch: one touch button to turn on or off.

8.Function: cutting vegetables, minced meat, stirring, mixing

Steps for use

1.Place the blade

Place the blades first before fill the ingredient in the container. The capacity of the food chopper is 250 ml.You can refer to the max line when filling the ingredient, and do not overload.

2.Cover the lid

It is necessary to cover the lid in the right way. the chopper will not work if the cover is not on the right place. 3.Press power switch

Press the power switch on the top of the chopper, and hold it for a few seconds, you will get an evenly shred food. It will automatically stop working after 30 seconds. If the food is not so delicate as you expected, You can continue to press the power switch for grinding.

4.Get a great shred food

Open the chopper and remove the blades, you will get an evenly shred food. You can directly wash the chopper with water after use.


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