700ml Wall Automatic Dispenser



1.DO Install the dispenser 40CM/15inch above the table top,in case it keeps dispensing soap

2.Don’t install on the mirror surface or under strong direct light, reflection & strong light will

Harm the infrared sensor

3.Don’t install it in shower room,this is not a waterproof product

4.Suggest Drilling installation for commercial places

5.Use non-granular,non-foaming liquid soap or hand sanitizer gel

6.First time use,operate the dispenser several times to pump the air out

7.Low Battery Indication:LED lights blinks fast to remind you to change new batteries

8.Maintenance: Clean the outlet regular to avoid clogging, filling warm water and operate

Several times

9.All products are tested with water before delivery, it is normal if there is little water exist.

Suitable for Home & Public Place

hand sanitizer dispenser

Weight 0.6 kg


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