Poonning ™ Touchless Dispenser US IN STOCK

Poonning ™ Touchless Dispenser

The US/CA favourite no-contact Soap dispenser is the safest way to clear Hand.

Protect your household or business

Soapdispenser Pro™ Automatically spray liquid by infrared sensor, suitable for use of various disinfectant liquids, liquids and hand sanitizers.

Your business or government procurement partner

We are well-equipped to handle the volume you require for your business or government, and will accomodate your procurement process. If desired, we can even print your brand on the product and packaging! For orders over $4,000, please email [email protected]

Our Happy Customers

“During this time, it is important to keep the hands clean. I was asked to buy an alcohol dispenser to clean the hands before entering the house. We’ve been using this for more than 2 weeks. We very happy with this product.”
Katie Thomas
“ It is very sturdy and also has a nice and large soap dispenser compartment. I bought another brand also recently which is nice and was a little less expensive but this one is much better. It is worth what you will spend on it.”
Jack Bryant
“Bought one in a pinch during COVID19 crisis because they’re sold out everywhere. The light and easy to use. Being hands free, it is a great option for concerned patients. I ordered 2 more for our back office area! ”
Alice Clark